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 Day and Night  Santa Maria del Fiore  San Miniato al Monte  Cathedral & Library
Venice Day and Night Santa Maria del Fiore San Miniato al Monte Siena Cathedral
 Venice  Florence  Florence  Siena
 La Piazza del Duomo  St Peter's Basilica  Trevi Fountain  Gesù Church
La Piazza del Duomo St Peter's Basilica Trevi Fountain Gesù
 Pisa  Rome  Rome  Rome
 Sant'Ignazio Church  San Carlo Church  Sopra Minerva Church  Misc Churches
Sant'Ignazio San Carlo al Corso Sopra Minerva Churches
 Rome  Rome  Rome  Rome
 Shinshō-ji Temple  Shrines  Magokoro Statue  International Forum
Shinshō-ji Temple Shrines Magokoro Statue International Forum
 Narita  Tokyo  Tokyo  Tokyo
 Aquadom  Pergamon Museum  Hungarian Parliament  Buda Reformed Church
Aquadom Pergamon Museum Hungarian Parliament Buda Reformed Church
 Berlin  Berlin  Budapest  Budapest
 The Great Market  St Elizabeth Church  Tegularium  Alexander Nevsky
The Great Market St Elizabeth Church Tegularium Alexander Nevsky
 Budapest  Budapest  Veszprém  Sohpia
 The Parthenon  Greek Statues  Ceramic Tiles  Hagia Sophia
The Parthenon Greek Statues Ceramic Tiles Hagia Sophia
 Athens  Athens  Istanbul  Istanbul
 Gaudi - Parc Güell  Gaudi - La Pedrera  Gaudi - Casa Batlló  Santa Creu Hospital
Parc Güell La Pedrera Casa Batlló Santa Creu Hospital
 Barcelona  Barcelona  Barcelona  Barcelona
 Sagrada Familia  Arc de Triomf  Architecture  Roman Statues
Sagrada Familia Arc de Triomf Architecture Roman Statues
 Barcelona  Barcelona  Rome  Vatican Museum
 Engine 374  Stanley Park  Butchart Gardens  Craigdarroch Castle
Engine 374 Stanley Park Butchart Gardens Craigdarroch Castle
 Vancouver  Vancouver  Victoria  Victoria
 Garibaldi Lake  Brandywine Meadows  Elfin Lakes  Alice Lakes
Garibaldi Lake Brandywine Meadows Elfin Lakes Alice Lakes
 British Columbia  British Columbia  British Columbia  British Columbia
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