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 In the Shadows - v1.1   Information File Size: 16.5Mb
The Temple of Swords The Shadow Gate Castle of Shadows Castle of Shadows

Have you ever wanted to sneak around the Quake universe?
Pick the right moment to bypass the guards or escape an angry mob trying to find you?

In the Shadows is a modification (MOD) for the old classic game Quake and features a new gameplay mode called Stealth, several highly detailed maps and loads of new visual updates.

 Game play videos
Some stealth hints, tips and sudden deaths while playing the bonus maps S1M1 and S1M2.

Two videos by Custom Gamer showing gameplay on the bonus maps S1M1 and S1M2.

 How does the stealth system work?
Help Screen 1of6 In the Shadows features two different types of game play (vanilla / stealth) and in order for the player to start stealth mode, they have to find and pick up the Amulet of Shadows.

When the stealth mode is started the inventory and weapons are changed and the player becomes invisible with no time limit towards the enemies. The invisibility is not perfect and the player can be detected if they get too close to the enemies.

When the player is discovered by the enemies the Amulet stops working and the cloak of invisibility is lost allowing enemies to see the player again and attack.

If the player can successful hide for more than five seconds the Amulet is enabled and a pentagram is placed on the ground. Any enemy looking for the player will be heading towards this marker and the player should keep moving or risk being discovered.
Help Screen 2of6

Help Screen 3of6 When the Amulet of Shadows is active all enemies at a certain distance will show a Stealth Eye above their head.

The eye will show if the player is in danger of being discovered and when the enemy is immune to backstabs by using a skull symbol. When the Stealth Eye is not busy it will blink, look left or right and if the Amulet is disabled even fall asleep!

When the Amulet of Shadows is active all enemies will detect the player based on how close they are and what area (front/back/side) they are in relative to the enemies facing direction.

As the diagram to side shows the detection circle around the enemy is split into four quadrants and broken down further by colours which are displayed on the Stealth Eye.

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When the player enters a red area or stands directly behind (really close) the enemy a timer is started and the eye will constantly blink red. The player has a limited amount of time to decide what to do before the enemy will discover them. The timers are also linked to skill levels (easy/normal/hard/nightmare) and on higher skill levels will expire much more quickly.

At the beginning of every level the player starts with no poison bolts and has to find bottles of poison scattered throughout the world in order to create some. Often these bottles are hidden in stealth alcoves or secret areas and are rare items which the player should save for emergencies.

Help Screen 5of6 Poison bolts are used to lower the health of enemies so that they can be backstabbed. This is done by firing a poison bolt at an enemy, waiting for the poison to take effect and finally doing a backstab at the right time.

The different phases of an enemy being poisoned are displayed on their Stealth Eye with special symbols so that the player knows what is going on and when it is safe to attack.

The side effect of using poison on an enemy is that it can drive them crazy and if another enemy is close by they will be attacked! This can be a dangerous situation because the enemy is unpredictable and could lead to the player being discovered. The chance of infighting can also be used to great advantage on large groups of enemies allowing for the pack to be thinned out so that individual targets can be picked off easily afterwards.

Scattered throughout the levels are Stealth Alcoves which are marked by a special symbol on the wall. When the player is close by with the Amulet of Shadows active the entrance will fade to reveal a hidden location.

Stealth Alcoves often contain stealth friendly supplies like health or poison bottles and some even contain shadow books which will give the player extra hints and tips about more advanced stealth game play mechanics.
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Stealth Alcoves are perfect for staging an ambush of enemies because when the Amulet is active the player cannot be detected while standing inside of the Alcove. These special locations often open up extra routes and shortcuts for bypassing the guards and are the perfect way to escape when being chased by an angry mob!

Lord Aramis showed no compassion or kindness to his followers, he was only interested in the pursuit of power and glory for himself. Demon Prince Berith had a cunning plan, a prize that Lord Aramis could never resist, the Shield of Grimlorn. He knew his lust for power would blind him and his arrogance would walk him straight into his trap.

When Lord Aramis learned about the Shield of Grimlorn he was consumed by nothing else but the thought of what he could do with such a weapon. Demon Prince Berith knew the trap was almost set and told Aramis 'I want my freedom, I want the 'Ritual of Binding'. Eager to get his shield Lord Aramis agreed and the demon pact was signed.

With the aid of Chief Gorlash of the Ogres and a legion of loyal knights the Shield of Grimlorn was eventually born from the fires of the Black Forge. Quickly realizing that the shield lacked any kind of power, Lord Aramis knew that the Ritual of Binding would still have to be performed.

High up in the Iron mountains is the Dresdale Shrine which was built during the great demon war for the demonic Ritual of Binding. The ritual required a ring of special runes and a large pool of fresh blood. When the last rune was placed the ground started to shake and The pool of blood violently boiled. After a short while Berith appeared from the surface and stepped on to the ground.

After centuries of waiting the plan had worked, Demon Prince Berith was alive! Stretching forth his tattered wings and shaking his fists in the air he shouted 'I'm free at last!' Lord Aramis eager to gain the power of the Shield glared at the Demon and growled 'give me my prize, we had a deal and you need to pay!'

Berith looked at Aramis 'how foolish you are, blinded by greed, do you not yet understand where the power is!?!' Berith stretched his arms to the skies while whispering strange words and without warning transformed into a black fog surrounding Lord Aramis. With a flash of light the fog fused into the armour and Lord Aramis screamed in agony as the Ritual of Binding was finally complete!

Lord Aramis could only watch, unable to resist as Berith controlled him like a puppet. The destroyer of worlds, the bringer of death, that was the final legacy of Lord Aramis. Chief Gorlash knew that Berith would eventually come to the Black Forge to make more weapons. It was decided that the final bridge leading to the forge would be trapped in the hope that it would stop him.

When Demon Prince Berith approached the Black Forge the ogres let him pass without a fight. Berith knew nothing could harm him and foolishly walked across the final bridge as it collapsed and fell into the lava below. When the armour hit the lava it turned to stone protecting Berith from harm and two large Lava Crystals were formed at the point of contact.

Chief Gorlash knew that Berith was not dead but simply caught in a stone trap. The Lava Crystals that formed were the keys and if they were shattered it would allow Berith to rise again. It was decided that the Lava Crystals be stored in different locations and the stone coffin of Berith be buried deep with the Temple of Swords. This should ensure that Berith never be set free again!

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