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 Freeport Docks (SP for SIN)   Information File Size: 2.49Mb
Front complex In-game cinematic Cargo Bay 1 Cargo Bay 2

Time: 01:01 CST - 13/06/2030

After the disappearance of Sintek's CEO the corporation took up a new direction and cleaned up its act. But something strange is happening down at the Freeport Docks. Sintek have started up a shipping company operation and security is very tight considering they are ONLY suppose to be shipping medical supplies ...

Blade your mission is to find out more about this new Sintek venture and you must make your way into the complex as quietly as possible. This is an UNDERCOVER mission ... no backup support is available ... over and out.

- Place the zip file in the sin directory.
- Unzip the file and extract all the files.
- A brand new directory called DOCK2 should be created under the sin directory.
- Start SIN using the DOS batch file supplied or make your own based on this batch file.

- All files should be located within the DOCK2 directory

Once the game has started via the batch file you can choose the skill level via the SIN GAME MENU's. All skill levels are supported and the game does offer different variations depending on what skill level you play. All SIN mappers please check out the script file for your easter egg.

-All skill levels are supported.
-Some new graphics.
-Some new sounds.
-3 cinematic sequences.
-Full use of Blade/JC dialog.
-2 secret area's (very tricky, but worth it).
-Realistic environment with working machinery, switchable lights etc.
-Storyline explained as you play the game via cinematic's.
-Screensaver option (look at script dock2.scr for instructions).

 Known Problems
-This is a single map SP pak. When you get the black screen at the end it mean that you have completed it. At the time of creating the level I did not know how to drop the player back at the main menu.
-Sometimes if you kill all the monsters at the end too quickly they do not register that they are dead to the system and the end sequence does not start. Usually this happened during testing/playing the level with god mode enabled.
-If after killing all the end creatures the end cinematic sequence does not start then this is to do with the fact that the player is standing where the final character is being spawn at. The system will not spawn actors if they are blocked in any way.

-Eutectic this level would have never got off the ground without your reference guides, advice and support. Thanks for the filing cabinet prefab and the console screen saver graphic.
-Stormhand for constantly testing this level time and time again. Telling me to stop going off at tangents and saying when some idea's are really, really crap.
-Cheech and Chong the moogales!, I will never forget you. :(

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