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 Si'Metrik     File Size: 3.26Mb
Sharp Corners Floating Citadel Triple Jump Deep Inside

The map is a fantasy floater inspired by watching Conan the Destroyer too many times. I really loved the floating ice castle above the lake in the movie and wanted to create something similar but with a different mood. The map is designed to maximize the view of the skybox and there are not too many places where you lose sight of the emerald skyline. There is something quiet refreshing about diving off the edge of the map into a dark green sea!

The map is symmetrical by designed, (This is not me being lazy or a design accident) as I wanted to create something with mirrored geometrical features. There is something beautiful about symmetry and as human beings we are all drawn to its design on a subconscious level. I did spent a long time trying to create an interesting vertical layout and it was a lot of fun to play with bots.

The external structure is like a climbing frame and there are no places clipped off with invisible brushes. If you can see some floor space up high, there is a good chance you can reach it. The lower section of the map does have a few secrets but that is something to discover for yourself.

I was not expecting a lot of feedback on this map during beta but for some reason a lot of people like it. To everybody who took the time to look at this level, thanks for all the feedback.

-ID for creating Quake 3 Arena.
-Additional falling sound by killaz.
-Ritual enterainment for the water sound effects.
-Testers: Stormhand, Ranger, Gonnakillya!, LugNut, Bushboy, Anwulf, Claudec, PJW, Unitool, Mr.CleaN, Smudge, Moji, Hr.O, Pheroz, Awkward UK, Killazontherun, Blood Angel, Nakedape, Killaz, Mark 'Johnny' Pytel, Deathmonger.

 Map Information
Development1 month design + 1 month beta testing, ver. 18(R)
SkyboxEmerald Lagoon.
SoundAdditional water sound effects.
TexturesMainly re-worked Q3 textures to better fit the architecture.

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